Why Should Cloud Based HR Software be Used?

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If you are responsible for Human Resources (HR) in your organisation, how do you ensure your HR documents and processes are actually organised?

For example, is your company still ‘chasing paper around’ the business? Perhaps losing receipts or other documents? How about all those lost hours reprocessing requests that can’t be found in the first instance?

The reality is that whilst many businesses have adopted to technology such as the Internet, Email, social media, CAD and suchlike, many HR departments are still somewhat behind the technology curve. Either they are trying to use technology ‘cobbled together’ (i.e. designed for other uses and ‘making do’) or else they’re still relying on a paper-based system (and all the inefficiencies that brings).

Well, the good news is, there IS a better way – and this article will show you why should cloud based HR software be used to solve these (and many other) issues.

What is cloud based HR software?

A Human Resources Management System (HRMS) such as Workplace by PeopleCare is a cloud based HR software ideal for any company. Being cloud based means the system is fully online, with no paper to process (or lose) and clear workflows for all processes.

As cloud based HR software is fully online, it is also fully mobile-enabled so it is also convenient to use from smartphones and tablets, anywhere there is an internet connection.

Cloud based HR software such as a HRMS delivers a true self-serve environment for all employees and is powerful, simple and cost-effective. By enabling all HR services and processes into a cloud based HR system, everyone is productive, empowered and far more effective in all HR work needed in a business.

Advantages of a HRM

Documentation is simpler

Holiday requests, timesheets, and other documentation can be filed online into a cloud based HR system, significantly reducing processing time, lost documentation and uncertainty about submission or approval success.

Payroll is more efficient

All aspects of payroll can be managed fully online with a cloud based HR software, so employees can have instant clarity on salaries, benefits, overtime received or due. Finance departments can be more productive managing cashflow and expenses using a HRMS.


Cloud based HR software is available in flexible packages to suit any size of business. Some smaller companies may only need simple packages, right through to larger companies who may incorporate a rewards or incentive scheme for employees.

Security is enhanced

Data security is uppermost in any HR Manager’s mind, and a cloud based HR system will help put everyone’s minds at ease. Access to sensitive data is more easily managed online rather than a paper based system. All data is securely and confidentially stored in the cloud.


Cloud based HR software is backed by best in class technical support, not only to help you instantly when needed, but also to advise on implementation and best practice to enable your company to benefit to its full potential when using a HRMS.

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