Top Tips for Choosing Accounting Software

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Handle the company books manually and you will be forever dragging the heels of a business. Accounting software saves so much time, it seems that by using it, such a method becomes a no-brainer.

Over time, businesses have done away with overuse of data entry: clerks would enter the name and address of a client on an invoice and repeat it again on the work order and any estimate it may have requested.

Accounting software saves several work hours by eliminating this need for repetition. The software helps to do away with entering data of an exact or similar nature, such as when you place a client’s address on an invoice, by calculating it in a dynamic way. This process also eliminates the possibility of mistakes being made and, of course, typos.

Sole proprietors (sometimes known as “one-man bands”), with very little inventory, may not need to use accounting software. But any business, including small businesses, with more than a handful of clients, should consider the benefits of accountancy software.

Award-winning accounting software, like BTC Software, is an inexpensive software platform, tailored for the small and medium-sized business alike. It concentrates on modules for self-assessment, accounts production, corporation tax, cloud solutions and even an app to run the software on mobile and tablet devices.

Businesses should make a list of the features it thinks it will need going forward: sales tracking, petty cash budget, merchant accounts (for those paying by credit card), customer contact database and managing stock levels or inventory.

There is no need to be wary or apprehensive about deploying accounting software, as the tools and apps available are much easier than those we saw in the 1980s and 90s. Can you remember Lotus 1-2-3 and Sage?

Today’s accountancy software is designed, so that even those with minimal accountancy skills, can use it. Accountancy software can change or differ depending on the industry it serves. If it is an industry-specific, there should be features within the software to meet these demands.

The trick is: to find an accountancy software package that meets your needs. There might even not be one that ticks every single box. It does not matter providing you ask around other accountancy sections on how they handled the type of platform you may be looking at implementing.

Ask on social media and recruitment platforms (LinkedIn etc.) for ideas and reviews, then make a judgement based from that.

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