Tom Colton tips on how you can root for your best football team

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All American sports fan have one thing in common as the autumn chill approach, which is watching football. Tom Colton similarly is a huge college football fan. As he is from Ireland he has a soft spot and roots mostly for the Fighting Irish. The name resonates his Irish lineage. As soon as the news comes out of the following football match, the TV’s are ready to be switched on, on Saturday and Sunday nights. This is the scene stretching from September until the month of January. You can obviously sit in front of the television with the beer cans and your buddies together but, this surely is not the way you can best support your favorite team.

You want your favorite football team to spend more time in the end zone and less on their heels? You need to buck up and get deeply involved in supporting them then. The three-step support that is prior the game tailgating, cheering while the game is on and noticeable financial donations as fans can really work towards their victory.

Tailgating before the game

Colton remembers this method of rooting for one’s favorite football team as more of a classic football tradition. This goes true in having become some production in not just professional games but also in colleges as well as high schools. You’ll be amused to see the tailgating events at certain popular stadiums where this event is as engaging as the football game itself.  Say for example if you think of throwing some kind of pre-game party, put in a little-detailed planning to it. Step 1, get familiarized with the parking facilities of the stadium. Step 2, since efficiency and portability are major in such parties; keep this in mind while packing.

Get familiarized with the traditions

Any day, a true football fan will not just be aware but also enthusiastically participate in these traditions. For instance, a fight song is always played during match touchdowns in almost all college teams in high school. You must learn the alma mater and the lyrics as well as choreography to the song to better cheer the team. Tom Colton says that as fans you can also support your favorite football team by volunteering in the cheering and related spectacles that happen during the game. Such traditions work best in case of college stadiums as the crowd yells in unison to boost up the energy of the players of their favorite team.

Buy merchandise – show team spirit

From the smallest to the grandest football match, each one offers a kind of merchandise like t-shirts or frames that you can buy in support of the team that you root for. The size of the football event does not matter, when you want to be involved in making your team win or give its best performance, you can always purchase such team merchandise to express your loyalty towards the team.

Get creative with body paint

Signs, costumes or body paint of your favorite team’s logo; it never fails to work when thinking of ways to support your best team.

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