How to Maintain Your Water Tank

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Rainwater tanks are essential units to have in your home, particularly in countries such as Australia which experiences harsh dry seasons. They are excellent for storing rainwater and can hold substantial volumes of clean drinking water. The number of homeowners choosing to install water tanks is continuing to rise because of the many associated benefits. Once installed it is crucial that you properly maintain your unit.


Water is a precious commodity, especially in warm climates such as Australia, this is the reason why the government create incentives for individuals to investment in schemes which promote water conservation. If you meet certain requirements you may be entitled to a tax rebate, installing a water tank in your home is one such program which the government recognises as an important method of conservation.

Before purchasing a water tank, contact your local authority to see whether they are offering rebates for water tank installations. You may be entitled to a water tank rebate in QLD, NSW or Queensland if you decide to invest in a unit.

Once you’ve had your tank installed, it is important to properly maintain the unit.

4 Important Tips for Water Tank Maintenance

  1. Clean the gutters – Ensure you keep the gutters clean to allow water to flow easily without any obstructions. Check you gutters every 2-3 months to see if they need attention, it will improve your water flow and the efficiency of your tank. A lot of bacteria and other nasty organisms are found in your gutter, and if not kept clean they can easily contaminate your supply.
  2. Install a mosquito cover – Mosquitos and other insects will be attracted to your water tank, so you must take steps to eliminate these creatures. It’s not only important to install a mosquito mesh, it should also be properly maintained. Although a lot of people use these covers, a very high majority don’t look after them, making it an easy access point for insects.
  3. Don’t neglect to check your pumps – if you keep your pumps in a good condition it will impact upon the quality of water which is used in your household. A properly maintained water tank and its additional fixtures will provide your home with an excellent water supply. If you take care of the system it will last longer and won’t suffer degradation. A leaky pipe will drastically affect the efficiency of your water tank.
  4. Monitor your water – Some households only use their rainwater supply for things such as the toilet or washing machine, so it’s not hugely important because it is not being used for human consumption. On the other hand, if you use your water for showering, cooking or drinking, it is vital that you regularly monitor your supply. If you notice any discoloured water get it checked immediately by a professional.

It is important that you take steps to monitor and maintain your rainwater tank, if left neglected and left untreated it could cause serious issues in your household. Investing in a water tank is also a great way to conserve water if you are truly concerned about the environment.

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