Air, Light, and Noise: Measuring for a Comfortable Office Environment

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Most people have worked in more than one office environment and they know that the overall ambiance and comfort level can vary drastically from one office to another. Why is this? Well, as it turns out, there are many different factors that can affect the environmental comfort levels in an office.

Some of these factors include light, sound levels and air quality, each of which are themselves affected by numerous different factors. If any one of these is out of alignment, it can have a severe impact on employees’ ability to perform efficiently. It can also negatively affect morale, which can have long-term consequences in terms of productivity and office culture.

There are now many devices that are designed specifically to accurately measure these variables so that you can maintain an environment that works for your employees and your company.

Air Quality

Indonesia indoor air quality testing has come a long way. The most precise, accurate indoor air quality testing devices are available in Indonesia today. These devices can test for many different factors.

Carbon dioxide concentration is one of the most important benchmarks when it comes to indoor air quality. While people may not be able to recognise the cause of their discomfort, high carbon dioxide concentrations can lead to fatigue and even an increased potential for illness.

Carbon dioxide concentrations in the air are measured as ppm or “parts per million.” Outdoors, these concentrations rarely exceed 450 ppm but they can easily reach 1000 ppm or higher indoors. This is largely because buildings prevent the carbon dioxide that the people inside are producing from dissipating. An accurate tester can be used to help design better ventilation or adjust the building’s HVAC systems.


Worker productivity, morale, and satisfaction are determined by many factors but one of the most surprising might be that small changes in lighting levels can affect these things. Satisfaction with the light levels in the workplace play a major role in a person’s overall environmental comfort. For something that has such a profound effect on employee satisfaction, small adjustments in light levels and types can be very cost-efficient.

However, despite the fact that you might assume that determining the right light levels in an office would be simple, that’s often not the case. People grow accustomed the current lighting and may not realise that an area is too dim. Also, various conditions and circumstances can create the impression that an area is well lit when it isn’t or too bright when there is another problem.

Simple testing can overcome these challenges, allowing a business owner to make lighting adjustments that improve environmental comfort for all who enter the office.

Sound Levels

There are many reasons to test the noise levels in the workplace. Some workplaces that rely upon heavy or noisy machinery may not be able to minimise sound levels. However, they do need to measure noise levels to maintain the safety of their workers.

Even when noise levels aren’t potentially damaging, however, there can be other consequences. A mundane office environment can be noisy enough to prevent productivity.

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